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What is SWAROVSKI® Spectra crystal?
What is SWAROVSKI® Spectra crystal?
SWAROVSKI Spectra Crystal Manufactured by Swarovski A.G. a new addition to Crystal Market. It has no Lead Oxide content but it is precision machine cut and polished which still gives it colors and brilliance. As the basic line for the lighting sector it offers the most important cuts in clear crystal, undergoes stringent quality control and is responsibly produced.
How to prove the product is made with SWAROVSKI® Spectra crystal?
Proof of origin and quality are becoming increasingly important in today’s retail environment. Consumers are looking for quality products that come from reliable, trustworthy sources.
Manufacturers and retailers guarantee this quality when they label their finished products with the “MADE WITH SPECTRA® CRYSTAL” tag.
The quality label differentiates the piece from mass market products and ensures consumers that they are purchasing reliable crystal quality by Swarovsk.