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  • Model: S098245
    53cm Wide x 127cm High
  • Model: S098244
    53cm Wide x 127cm High
  • Model: S098169
    71cm Wide x 91cm High
  • Model: S098243
    48cm Wide x 107cm High
  • Model: S098167
    61cm Wide x 81cm High
About Showsun Lighting

Showsun Lighting Presents Exquisite Details in Swarovski Crystal Chandeliers and Crystal Chandelier Collections. The secret is about the dazzling crystal chandelier collection from Showsun Lighting. The bright vivid colors from Swarovski Elements crystal and cutting edge designs of Showsun Lighting have created possibly the most exciting chandelier and lighting designs of the last decade. Full-Lead Swarovski Elements Crystal is engineered for the highest brilliance and optimal optical clarity. The Swarovski crystal chandelier and exquisite crystal chandelier collections by Showsun Lighting use simple shapes like spheres, pyramids, spirals, cylinders and slices to create lighting designs that are both artfully exquisite and wonderfully versatile. The fire of this crystal chandelier style combined with the purity of halogen or xenon light has changed the way light interacts with designed space. Combine a series of Showsun Lighting mini pendants and Swarovski crystal chandelier with WAC monorail technology and create a crystal chandelier lighting scheme that is uniquely and wonderfully your own. Shop for the best selection of Swarovski crystal chandelier at Showsun Lighting’s

Showsun Lighting has been manufacturing high quality chandeliers for over 16 years.

Showsun Lighting is located at Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. It was founded in 1997 with a modern workshop covering 12500㎡ floor areas and a luxury showroom of 1600㎡.

Showsun Lighting currently employs around 300 well trained lighting professionals in product development, production and management, and more than 50 of them are engineers and managers.